You Won't Believe What MSNBC's Brian Williams Just Criticized (VIDEO)

Everyone wants to get in on the ‘fake news’ craze. Just a couple of days ago, none other that Brian Williams weighed in.

Via Mediaite

MSNBC host Brian Williams earlier this week called out president-elect Donald Trump and members of his transition team for their history of spreading fake news.

“Another former general in the Trump circle is receiving new attention, his National Security Advisor-designate Mike Flynn,” Williams reported Wednesday. “Flynn’s son was fired by the Trump transition team today for passing on fake news story via Twitter.”

“But his dad, the retired Army three-star general, has passed on a few gems himself,” Williams noted. “Here are a few: [Hillary Clinton] is involved with child sex-trafficking and has secretly waged war on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that [Barack Obama] is a jihadi who laundered money for Muslim terrorists.”


Brian, Brian, Brian…

When I saw this story I had to verify that it wasn’t “fake news” because one would think that an adult male with any sense of shame or self-awareness given Williams’s own estrangement from the truth would be more than a little reticent about criticizing anyone for just making sh** up. One can only assume that Williams’s objection to “fake news” is when he, himself, doesn’t get paid for making it up.


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