Climate Change Guru: Donald Trump's Election Means the Planet Is Now Safe

Climate Change Guru: Donald Trump's Election Means the Planet Is Now Safe

Okay, so I paraphrased this just a little.

The godfather of the climate warmist nincompoopery that is trying to destroy the standard of living in most of the world and return us to a neolithic existence is former NASA “scientist” James Hansen. If Michael Mann is the Jerry Sandusky of climate change then surely Hansen must be the analog of Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein.

Hansen first burst into the public consciousness back in 2006 when he fluffed some alarmist agitprop, including Al Gore’s infamous An Inconvient Truth, for the New York Review of Books.

As explained above, we have at most ten years—not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions. Our previous decade of inaction has made the task more difficult, since emissions in the developing world are accelerating. To achieve the alternative scenario will require prompt gains in energy efficiencies so that the supply of conventional fossil fuels can be sustained until advanced technologies can be developed. If instead we follow an energy-intensive path of squeezing liquid fuels from tar sands, shale oil, and heavy oil, and do so without capturing and sequestering CO2 emissions, climate disasters will become unavoidable.

In 2009 this was the story: it is worse than we thought

The dangerous threshold of greenhouse gases is actually lower than what we told you a few years ago. Sorry about that mistake. It does not always work that way. Sometimes our estimates are off in the other direction, and the problem is not as bad as we thought. Not this time.

Warmist claptrap continued to be shoveled by Hansen this year.

::checks calendar. Yep. It is 2016. Yep. Oil shale is booming. Yep. Renewable energy is still a fraud that floats on a sea of tax breaks. Nope. No climate disasters.

Now, suddenly, it is no longer a crisis:

“Stopping human-made climate change is inherently difficult, because of the nature of the climate system: it is massive, so it responds only slowly to forcings; and, unfortunately, the feedbacks in the climate system are predominately amplifying on time scales of decades-centuries.

The upshot is that there is already much more climate change “in the pipeline” without any further increase of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs). That does not mean the problem is unsolvable, but it does mean that we will need to decrease the amount of GHGs in the relatively near future.

Exactly one thing has happened between mid-October and early December 2016 to make Hansen role back his outrageous predictions and it was not new data. Donald Trump was elected. And the leader of Trump’s transition teams at NASA and EPA are vocal critics of looney-tunes doomsayers like Hansen. Hansen can read the tea leaves as well as the next guy. He knows the incoming administration is hostile to him, to his tactics, and to the federal government paying him to pursue his hobby.

Either that of Donald Trump is actually the guy who caused the “rise of the oceans [to begin] to slow and our planet [begin] to heal.”

(h/t to Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That)

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