POLITICO Editor Fired For Inciting Physical Violence

POLITICO Editor Fired For Inciting Physical Violence

Way to go, Politico. You’ve outdone yourself.

As everyone knows, the 200 members of the alt-right movement led by this guy, Richard Spencer, held an 11-hour harangue, some of it in German, in Washington on Saturday. Apparently, they decided to same hotel expenses by living rent-free in the heads of a lot of the media. One of the unwitting landlords was Politico’s national editor, Michael Hirsh, who in a moment of insanity decided to burn down a perfectly good career by playing internet tough guy on his Facebook


Read all of that again. Hirsh doxes Spencer then encourages others to join him in taking a baseball bat to the guy. All of this because the guy doesn’t like Jews. This is unhinged behavior. Hirsh has never said anything like this about any member of a group that actually tries to kill Jews, like, for instance, the Muslim Brotherhood. Probably because they, unlike the alt-right, are actually dangerous.

Anyway, Politico gave Hirsh the heave-ho, no word if John Podesta was consulted on this personnel move.

In a statement, Politico editor-in-chief John Harris and editor Carrie Budoff Brown called Hirsh’s post indefensible.

His actions “were clearly outside the bounds of acceptable discourse, and POLITICO editors regard them as a serious lapse of newsroom standards,” they said. “They crossed a line in ways that the publication will not defend, and editors are taking steps to ensure that such a lapse does not occur again.”

This is a good first step but it really begs another question. A middle aged guy who has worked his way up through the ranks of a competitive business would never, ever say something similar about [fill in your group here]. He wouldn’t say it no matter how vile their philosophy because he would intuitively know that his ass would be on the street. Yet he felt very comfortable about threatening and encouraging violence against this Richard Spencer character. Why is that? Because the entire Politico newsroom has that view. Because his bosses have expressed a similar view behind closed doors. And because of that he though he could post his threat on Facebook and no one would care.

Hirsh, if he’s capable of introspection, needs to stop and ask himself who, really, is the Nazi brownshirt in this episode?

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