Why Jeff Sessions Is Already A Hero And He Hasn't Even Been Confirmed

Why Jeff Sessions Is Already A Hero And He Hasn't Even Been Confirmed

Via the John Podesta edited Politico: Sessions pick as AG could spark exodus from civil rights division.

Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general is being met with alarm at the Justice Department’s civil rights division and could trigger an exodus there, former officials said Friday.

Longtime lawyers in the unit that enforces voting rights laws, conducts investigations into alleged police abuses and prosecutes hate crimes were already on edge about what Trump’s victory would mean for their mission, but the selection of Sessions pushed those fears to another level, former officials said.

“If there was a level above DEFCON One, it would be that,” said Sam Bagenstos, who was the civil rights division’s No. 2 official from 2009 to 2011. “Jeff Sessions has a unique and uniquely troubled history with the civil rights division. … From the perspective of the work of the enforcement of civil rights, I think the Sessions pick is a particularly troublesome one — more than anyone else you can think of.”

Three things to keep in mind here. First, the reporter is Josh Gerstein who is a Democrat shill. Gerstein’s reporting on the Hillary Clinton email scandal might as well have been scripted by Clinton’s communications department and was proven, even by the shallow investigation conducted by the FBI, to be false and misleading. Second, the Civil Rights Division is a crypto-fascist organization that has long outlived its usefulness. During the Obama administration it achieved notoriety for carrying out open warfare against the Supreme Court by pretending as though Shelby County vs. Holder never happened. It bullies states and localities and views itself as some kind of super cop with a mandate to take over the operations of police forces that come to its attention. Third, the story is bullsh**.

These clowns aren’t going to quit. There is nowhere else in the world they can go to make as much money as they make while damaging America. They are going to do whatever they can to make Sessions’s life miserable.

The real danger here lies in Sessions himself. People like to be liked. They especially like to be liked and admired by colleagues and the people who work for them. Time and time again we’ve seen solid cabinet picks go into hostile organizations and instead of cleaning house, they become captured by the organization and assimilated. Rather than firing half the bunch and running the other half off, they become advocates for the nutbaggery so endemic to federal agencies in a vain attempt to be liked. I dearly hope that Jeff Sessions is wise enough to know that the people who are calling him racist today are not and never will be his friends and he deals with them accordingly.

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