PREDICTION. Jeff Sessions Will Be Confirmed As Attorney General

That sobbing you’ve heard all morning is not an auditory hallucination brought on by narcotics, a banshee crooning, or a persistent north wind. It is the sound of liberals wailing over the announcement that Donald Trump had nominating Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General. The main objections against him comes from when a Democrat-controlled Senate refused to confirm his nomination by Ronald Reagan to serve as a federal district judge though his stances on vote fraud and illegal immigration have done nothing to appease the same people that opposed him thirty years ago (this is a fairly dispassionate summary of his alleged sins of commission and omission and this is a good background piece on Sessions).


As much as the left would like to claim an early scalp to rough up the incoming Trump administration, insiders are saying that Sessions will win confirmation.

The early indications for Jeff Sessions winning Senate confirmation as attorney general look encouraging — despite the Alabama lawmaker’s controversial past.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a potential swing vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee, will support Sessions, a spokesman said Friday. That’s a key pick-up, given Flake’s moderate views on immigration and social issues, and his opposition to Donald Trump during the campaign.

If Sessions can clear committee, he’ll likely win a floor vote to become the nation’s top law enforcement official, GOP Senate insiders said. Republicans will likely have 52 votes in the next Congress, and Trump’s Cabinet picks can’t be filibustered because Democrats unilaterally changed Senate rules three years ago to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for most nominations.

In addition to Jeff Flake, Charles Grassley, Mike Lee, and Lindsey Graham have all indicated their support. This pretty well covers the ideological spectrum in the GOP caucus. Plus it is unlikely that Democrat senators from states that went heavily for Trump will pick an early and losing fight over a nominee.

I really don’t have a problem with Sessions. He is likely to force James Comey to resign as FBI Director, which is something that needs to be done for the good of the nation. He is likely to cease the Obama administration’s jihad to allow old men in raincoats to use the girls locker room. He is vehemently opposed to abortion in all of its manifestations. He won’t allow the US government to take part in anymore challenges to gunrights and he might even forbid the idiot gunwalking operations that have done nothing beyond inflict pain and suffering on people and communities. In fact, up until he went full metal Trumpster, I pretty much liked the guy. Now that that battle is over, Sessions should be confirmed as he’s a solid choice and a galactic step up from the imbeciles Obama has appointed.



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