Anti-Trump Protesters Advocate Rape. Hillary Clinton Is Silent.

The hallmark of the modern Democrat party is rank hypocrisy. The hypocrisy is most evident in the way a party that has made a legal and religious fetish of “diversity” treats people of various special interest groups when they do not fall in line with the Democrat party line. It falls most heavily upon black Americans. Take, for instance, the reverence a barely lucid Thurgood Marshall receives as opposed to Clarence Thomas (Harry Reid’s “I think that his opinions are poorly written” comment is blatantly obvious racism) and recall when Gary Franks, a black member of the House from Connecticut, was denied membership in the Congressional Black Caucus. But it also falls heavily on women who refuse to go along with the claptrap and male-bashing nonsense that passes for political thought in the Democrat party.


Over the weekend this happened in Washington, DC, at one of the many “anti-Trump” demonstrations took place.


Some have claimed this was a provocateur, but even it that is the case one has to have the common sense to ask how they were able to display the sign at the front of a demonstration and no one asked them to remove it. The answer is obvious. Whatever the motivations of the creature with the sign, the crowd basically agreed with the sentiment. As Erick Erickson posts at The Resurgent:

Had such a sign appeared when Barack Obama was elected, or had it appeared at any tea party rally, the entirety of the conservative movement would have been indicted by the American media complex. The acts of some Trump supporters, in fact, got the entirety of his supporters labeled “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton.

Already, less than a week removed from the election, we see the media has learned nothing. They have blanketly condemned Trump supporters based on the acts of some, but they have refused to cover the violence advocated by anti-Trump protestors after the election.

Leftwing activists are now claiming these people do not speak for them. But in the past they have labeled all tea party activists as racists and bigots. During the 2009 congressional recess, the media covered supposed tea party harassment of members of congress and failed to note the only arrests at the time were union activists disrupting the tea party groups.

Now they will do their best to ignore the left at its worst and, should anyone point it out, lecture them on painting with a broad brush. It is that very broad brush that has gotten us to this point.


Where was Hillary Clinton, the alleged female who wanted to uplift and emancipate other elderly alleged females? So far there is not a word from her, her campaign, or her vast coterie of enablers. Where are the media calls demanding that she disassociate herself from this? At least Trump and Sanders have asked their followers to tone it down. The same can’t be said for Clinton.


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