The Left Just Compared Donald Trump's Election To What?!?!

We all knew they were one sandwich shy a picnic. We all knew they had unlimited hypocrisy and a propensity for violence when thwarted. But there are limits to what humans should be allowed to say. Clara Jeffrey, not to be confused with Clara the Cow though you would be forgiven the error, the editor of Mother Jones weighed in on the election:


here is the screen shot for when this tweet is inevitably deleted


Just think about that for a second. In the mind of this pathetic, screechy ideologue, three thousand Americans being incinerated and billions of dollars in property damage are on par with losing an election. If her candidate was Mother Teresa one might pause for a moment before slapping her back to reality. But the candidate she is mourning is a septuagenarian harpy who has an unbroken record of incompetence, corruption, and outright criminality.

These people are totally devoid of the slightest shred of humanity.


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