How Hillary Clinton's Email Team Helped the Russians Hack John Podesta's Email

Last week we learned the broad outlines of how John Podesta’s emails came to be stolen by Russian hackers. By using a phishing attack, they were able to get Podesta to give them his login credentials. All of this served to let people, included me, poke a little fun at Podesta. As it turns out, Podesta was not an idiot. He reported the attack and got bad advice.


If you look at these documents you find Podesta was suspicious of the request to change a password and notified the IT people at “”.


The URL to reset the email is a URL that is associated with a Russian hacker group.

This was who answered the email


And this was the answer he got:


I’m assuming this guy just glanced at the email, assumed it was legit, and here we are.

Keep in mind, this guy was maintaining the domain. So if you think they weren’t hacked I’d suggest thinking again.


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