Donald Trump Dispenses Relationship Advice


These are from four years ago and the subject here is the romance, as much as anyone in Hollywood seems to be able to understand the term, between Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Stewart was photographed in what appears to be an intimate setting (again, maybe I’m just being old-school about the concept of intimacy but having someone grinding on your ass seems rather intimate to me, let me know if I’m wrong) with a small-time director (at least it wasn’t the screenwriter) named Rupert Sanders. Never one to let any thought go unvocalized, no matter the wisdom of shutting up, Donald Trump weighed in on this national tragedy:




And I suppose Trump was right in a certain way. Stewart did cheat on him again… with a woman. Not sure he saw that coming.

The only points this serves to amplify is that Donald Trump is a deeply non-serious person who is in love with his own wit and drunk upon his own celebrity. His advice about dating cheaters is rather ironic given his own history of marital infidelity. And they are proof that if you are surprised or appalled at the way Donald Trump talks about women and treats them as ornamentation it is only because you couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.


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