If Hillary Clinton Supports Repealing Obamacare Why Doesn't Mitch McConnell

Remember back just a couple of weeks ago when Bill Clinton proclaimed what anyone other than Leonid Brezhnev the Obama administration could see, that Obamacare simply made no economic sense. Of course, Bill had to give a craven apology for this egregious act of honesty but it seems like Hillary Clinton has similar views.


Via Wikileaks, the gift that just keeps on giving, check out this email from Hillary Clinton to her policy adviser Ann O’Leary:


Yes, she wants to make sure the Republicans get blamed for killing Obamacare but how McConnell planned on killing Obamacare while no one noticed always puzzled me. Who cares? We get blamed for everything from crop failure to boils on the ass as it is. Considering that McConnell has promised us for six years that repealing Obamacare was right around the corner this should be welcome news… except for the fact that he’d actually have to, you know, do something.

Who knows, maybe a President Clinton could team up with McConnell and Ryan and actually deliver on a promise both have made to GOP base.


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