Donald Trump Announces He's Starting His Second Long Con Of America


Another day, another allegation of the system being rigged from Mister Rigged System, himself, Donald Trump.

This is just more of what he was up to last week:

I don’t see the threat to the republic that others are seeing in Donald Trump’s attack on an election that has yet to be held. The allegations will only be credible if convincing evidence is found that will persuade a healthy majority of Americans that Trump was a victim of systemic and endemic fraud. Should that proof be forthcoming, well, we should be able to agree that they system was rigged.

In fact, if Trump’s allegations result in a critical look at how elections are conducted and votes are tabulated I would go so far as to say he’s done us a favor. I don’t happen to believe that Richard Nixon laying down for Kennedy’s massive vote fraud operation in 1960 did the nation a favor. And we survived a concerted attack on the credibility of our elections by an entire political party in 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio).

Some number of people will believe anything, that’s just the way the Bell Curve works, and Trump is not going to move the needle on that number with his tweets. It won’t even change when the GOP retains House and Senate majorities while Trump loses in a landslide, an event that should disprove his nutbaggery.

I think what is going on is much more banal than Trump trying to pull down the US electoral system by accusing fraud.

At this point, Donald Trump doesn’t appear to have any real hope or interest in winning on November 8. If, as is rumored, Trump is planning to launch a “conservative” (and by conservative I mean batsh** crazy) media venture, his constant sniveling makes sense. He’s trying to build an audience.

He’s run one long con on America and now he’s setting up another.

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