Why the Sexual Assault Hit On Trump Is A Masterwork Of Political Attacks

Why the Sexual Assault Hit On Trump Is A Masterwork Of Political Attacks
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in Ocala, Fla. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

I’m going to take a step back from the swirling maelstrom of stink engulfing Donald Trump and those kissing his posterior, that would be you Sean Hannity, and admire the professional hit we’ve just witnessed. The Israeli assassins in Operation Wrath of God have absolutely nothing on the people who have just carried out an epic political attack on Trump that will be studied for years to come. This is how you turn what could be a series of troubling innuendos which would probably add up to half a nothingburger into a potentially campaign killing hit. But it only works if your target is an egomaniacal buffoon and is advised by cretins. And the media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the party making the attack.

The Setup

At around 11am on Friday, October 7, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold received from an undisclosed source a copy of a video tape in which Donald Trump seems to have confused how to socially interact with adult women with how to carry a six-pack of beer. Keep in mind, the tape was recorded in 2005. Several people, rightfully, questioned why it suddenly found light of day now. There were flashbacks to how George W. Bush’s long past DUI citation “reappeared” the Thursday before Election Day in 2000.

The Debate

Of course, there was a debate on October 9 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Predictably, Donald Trump was given the opportunity to deny everything. And, predictably, he did.


As my friend and RedState co-founder Josh Treviño says on Facebook

Let it be understood: at the point at which this question was asked of the Republican nominee at the Sunday-evening debate, it was 100% certain and foreseeable that this story was queued and ready to go. Denials are secured prior to revelations: which is why they are only requested when known to be false. Any mildly competent observer grasps this, and the question is why the staff of the subject at hand — to say nothing of the subject himself — did not.

I want you to note that the video came from an article that ran in Slate on Donald Trump’s denial of the sexual assault charges. Keep in mind that the debate didn’t start until 10pm Eastern and this article was posted either during the debate or shortly thereafter. If you set your Google search for October 9 and 10 you’ll find a lot of people were interested in Donald Trump’s denial.

The Warmup

The hors d’oeuvre was the story of Donald Trump strolling into the Miss USA pageant changing room as though it was a dressing room at your typical Target. (I say that only half in jest because I fail to understand how people who are in favor of adult men going into the women’s locker room at the gym or pool can be opposed to an adult man going into the changing room at a beauty pageant… and yet they are.)

The Hit

Yesterday, the New York Times reported on two more women who said they had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. There was a pause as the Trump campaign was sucked in a bit deeper:

And then we were off to the races. But to understand the true beauty of what happened you have to look at the sequencing of the women coming forward. (Note, I don’t know who Luke Thompson is, but his analysis is spot on.)

Now you have a perfect storm.

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton has the ability to lose this race. She has screwed up everything she has touched in her life from her marriage to her parenting to setting off a regional war and refugee crisis in Europe. She can lose this but right now Americans will be voting against the most detestable person on the ballot and not voting for the future of the nation.

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