Donald Trump: I Have Proof All These Charges Are False But I'm Not Going To Let You See It

Donald Trump held a wake campaign rally in Florida this afternoon. Some in the media expected him to address the allegations swirling about that he has conducted his life in the same reserved manner at Ted Kennedy. Because of the Hannity cancellation, there were even the usual rumors that Trump was going to drop out. There was some speculation that he’d use the opportunity to punk the media with another Trump property infomercial. What happened was actually a little more surreal.


Trump aggressively defended himself during a rally Thursday, saying they were “pure fiction,” “outright lies” and promised to provide evidence to prove they were false.

“These claims are all fabricated. They’re pure fiction and outright lies. These events never, ever happened,” Trump said in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He also claimed to have proof that he will release at the “appropriate time.”

I am not a political mastermind, but I would submit that if Trump does, in fact, have proof that some or all of these women are lying then the “appropriate time” to release it is NOW.

What Trump is doing is playing for time. No matter how many women were groped by Trump the novelty is already wearing thin. Check the coverage today. Already the coverage is focusing on the coverage not the allegations. In the next 72 hours this is going to be baked in and people will have to decide how Trump’s behavior differs from that of the sexual predator married to and enabling Hillary Clinton. The media is going to tire of it. What Trump has to do is keep the wheels from coming off his campaign and offering up bulls**t promises of proof does that.


He doesn’t have proof, but all he has to do is get to Election Day without his supporters running from him. In the polling booth, particularly in swing states and states were GOP senators are running well ahead of their opponents, a very substantial number of Republicans are going to have a Come To Jesus moment and decide that Trump is better than Hillary. All they need is a little bit of hope that they aren’t being played for suckers.



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