Did Hillary Clinton Incite Her Audience To Rough Up A Heckler? (VIDEO)

Did Hillary Clinton Incite Her Audience To Rough Up A Heckler? (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton was at a campaign rally in Detroit and was heckled. As heckling goes it was pretty minor stuff:

At 0:05 you’ll see a black man descend the steps to the left of Hillary. He’s wearing this t-shirt


He’s respectful which automatically calls his Democrat credentials into question and makes you wonder why they let him in to begin with. Then Hillary Clinton chimes in:

“You know. I do hope somebody follows that gentlemen out and stages an intervention. He clearly hasn’t been following this election very closely.”

There really isn’t much left to interpretation here. What the guy did had nothing to do with following the election. I’m sure there are millions of people who are going to vote for Hillary Clinton in full knowledge of the fact that Bill Clinton engaged in activity that would be considered rape in most jurisdictions today. “Put some ice on it” doesn’t qualify as pillow talk in most places. Asking her supporters to follow the man out of the rally was done so either with the clear intent that they rough him up or in callous disregard for the fact that a fight could be provoked. It was deeply irresponsible but it was quintessential Hillary Clinton.

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