DEMOCRAT PUNDIT: Hillary Clinton Is A Liar Who Is Totally Dependent Upon A Donald Trump Candidacy

Another day, another Wikileaks dump.* This time from the email of Hillary Clinton consigliere, John Podesta. It is from neo-communist pundit, Brent Budowski to Podesta and others and he makes the point that Hillary is a reflexive liar who is so weak that her candidacy is totally dependent upon the GOP nominating Donald Trump.


To be clear, Budowski is not on the Clinton campaign and has never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer but, when taken in context with my colleague Brandon Morse’s post on how Trump was essentially a Clinton tool from Day One, it emphasizes the degree to which the Democrats knew that Hillary could only win against a very, very weak candidate.

For the record, it is important to note that Hillary has basically adopted the recommendation in his second paragraph so someone carried this and the message of letting up on Bernie to Hillary and the message was received. A good guess was that it was Podesta.

*I’ll acknowledge up front that Wikileaks is a vanity project of the Russian FSB and that we have to be concerned about them inserting disinformation into the document stream. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t done a substantial amount of good in exposing Hillary Clinton’s criminal conspiracy. In the words of Julius Caesar, “I love treason but I hate a traitor.”