HMMMM. INTERESTING. Mike Pence Cancels Campaign Appearance On Behalf of Trump

Donald Trump was supposed to appear at a campaign rally in Wisconsin alongside Speaker Paul Ryan. As my colleague Jay Caruso reported, upon hearing Trump wax poetic about the best ways of sexually assaulting women, married and unmarried, he disinvited Trump from the rally, thus vindicating Erick Erickson’s decision at the RedState Gathering a year ago.


Trump was going to be replaced by his running mate, Mike Pence:

(hahahaha… debate prep…. hahaahahaha)

Now Mike Pence has cancelled his own appearance:

and, no, Mike Pence was not disinvited:

There really isn’t any explanation for this short of a full-blown mutiny underway in the Trump campaign. Major donors are pulling out of the race. Endorsing politicians are running like scalded dogs from Trump. Serious and substantial people are demanding that Trump pack his sh** and get off the battlefield. It seems like, based on the and on Pence’s condemnation earlier today, that Pence might be seriously considering walking away from the campaign unless Trump quits.


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