You Won't Believe What Donald Trump's Own Lawyers Did When Meeting With Him

An interesting tidbit has emerged from the depositions in the bankruptcy case concerning Trump Plaza. Trump Plaza, to refresh your memory, is a Donald Trump property in Atlantic City that was shuttered in 2014 after Trump had pumped about $200 million into it. That, as you know, is how all great businessmen operate.


Take a moment an read this carefully, particularly the second answer.


That’s right, Trump’s attorney always met with him with another attorney present because Trump was known to have a vivid fantasy life.

Consider the context. The people who were entrusted to protect Trump’s interests in a multimillion dollar bankruptcy case knew he could not be trusted. If you are trusting Trump to be good on Supreme Court Justices or any thing else what right do you have to think he’s going to be more candid with you than with his own legal team?


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