WATCH. Charlie Crist Unleashes Chaos With This One Answer To A Debate Question (VIDEO)

WATCH. Charlie Crist Unleashes Chaos With This One Answer To A Debate Question (VIDEO)

Charlie Crist, the guy the establishment pushed for Florida senator rather than support Marco Rubio, is now running for congress as, you guessed it, a Democrat.

He’s currently in a tight race with incumbent Republican David Jolly for the FL-13 seat and they participated in a debate on Monday night. I don’t follow Florida politics but from this write-up in the Tampa Bay Times is seems like Jolly pretty well owned Crist… not that that is hard.

Just minutes in, former Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent now running as a Democrat, was asked about abortion. He said he supported a woman’s right to choose.

“Mr. Crist, this is why we can’t believe what you say,” said Rep. David Jolly, the Republican incumbent fighting to retain a seat he won in 2014. Jolly then ticked off the anti-abortion positions Crist had taken when he was a Republican politician.

Jolly pounced with an attack on Crist’s 1990s-era hard-line stance on crime, reminding voters that Crist was once been known as “Chain Gang Charlie.” Jolly went into minute detail about a Crist trip to Alabama, where he stood over black prisoners to say such a program would be good for Florida.

Crist said Jolly was hitting below the belt and stoking racial tensions.

Because, you know, that stoking racial tensions is a tactic that the Democrats have trademarked, copyrighted, and patented.

But the highlight of the debate came unexpectedly when a moderator asked each candidate if they would be voting for their party’s nominee for president. This is what Crist said:

“I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she’s been a very good Secretary of State, a very good senator from the state of New York,” Crist said when asked if he would vote for his party’s candidate. “The thing I like most about her is she is steady. I believe she is strong. I believe she is honest.”

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