Donald Trump Is Mostly Right About Political Correctness And Terrorism

Donald Trump Is Mostly Right About Political Correctness And Terrorism

Today Donald Trump set off an new round of faux controversy:

During a phone interview with Fox & Friends on Monday, Donald Trump asserted that the law enforcement community is too “afraid to do anything” about terrorism because they don’t want to be accused of “profiling.” Trump stated that “our local police … know who a lot of these people are” but choose not to pursue them because “they don’t want to be accused of all sorts of things.”

Trump’s intended message—which he telegraphed by calling the police “amazing”—was that the culture of political correctness that has taken root in Obama’s America has made it impossible for cops to be as aggressive as they need to be. Fine. But what he actually said is that police officers are aware of terrorists who are plotting attacks but are declining to pursue them because they’re scared.

The writer, from the failed group blog Slate, bills this a Trump insulting cops, Trump Insults Police Officers, Says They’re Too Scared to Do Anything About Terrorism.

What this guy does is essentially remove the context from the statement and focus on a bogus issue. It really can’t be denied that a clear majority of terror suspects were on the radar of law enforcement before their attacks. This isn’t an exclusively Obama problem, but a lot of it is a Democrat problem. It was while Bill Clinton was president that his Justice Department, in the person of Jamie Gorelick, prevented intelligence agencies from sharing information with law enforcement personnel on persons residing in the United States. It was also under Bill Clinton that the FBI was informed by various flight schools about the influx of Middle Eastern men who didn’t seem to be interested in landing the aircraft and noting happened.

The FBI, under Bush and Obama, investigated at least 18 email conversations between the Fort Hood shooter, Army Major Nidal Hassan, and a known terrorist and did squat about it.

The shooters at Pam Geller’s art extravaganza in Garland, TX, had been questioned by the FBI before the shooting.

The FBI was informed by the Russian FSB that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the eldest of the Boston Marathon bombing Tsarnaev brothers, had ties to Chechen Islamic terrorists.

Omar Mateen, the shooter at the Orlando Pulse nightclub, had been questioned by the FBI and had been under police surveillance.

The mosque attended by the San Bernardino shooters had been under investigation by Homeland Security officers but management shut down the investigation. The “marriage” visa obtained by the female shooter was not only fraudulent but contained clues that she was an radical islamist. No one cared.

In most instances of Islamic terrorism in the United States we find, afterwards, that they had been under suspicion, of one type or another, by law enforcement before the attack. In fact, the FBI has a very, very good track record in identifying extremist but they just don’t act. If you think that you, yourself, could exchange emails with a known terrorist or be reported by a foreign intelligence service for having terrorist ties and be able to skate by telling the FBI they were mistaken or that you were just doing research, you are fooling yourself. Unless they happen to be afraid of messing with you because CAIR and its battalion of lawyers will be screaming about islamophobia or ethnic profiling.

Through the efforts of CAIR and sympathetic fellow travelers, police departments have been sued when their anti-terrorism efforts get too close to the root cause of terror in America. In fact, the family of the Chelsea bomber was a party to a “profiling” lawsuit.

As Saul Alinsky pointed out, people, not organizations, feel pain. And people who want to keep their job in an organization learn very quickly what brings punishment and what brings reward. It doesn’t take a very bright person to figure out that if no one is going to do anything anyway, that there is no percentage in engaging in a terrorism investigation that could get your department sued and get you fired.

That is what Donald Trump is talking about and every sane person in the nation realizes this as a bland statement of fact.

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