There Is One Easy Thing Donald Trump Can Do To Make This Billionaire Give $5 Million To Charity But Will He?

Probably the only documents creating more interest than Hillary Clinton’s health records are Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Unlike every other candidate over the past several decades, Trump has been steadfast in refusing to release his income tax returns and focuses on his self-generated estimates of net worth. The reason for it is transparently obvious, if Donald Trump truly had a huge income he would not have qualified for a middle income (by NYC standards) property tax break. They would also show that Donald Trump doesn’t donate to charity.


Now a particularly ironic challenge has been tossed in Trump’s direction. This one from LinkedIn founder and actual billionaire, Reid Hoffman:

In 2012, Donald Trump called President Obama “the least transparent president in the history of this country.”

Then he offered to donate $5 million to charity if President Obama would release “his college records and applications” and his “passport applications and records.”

Now, in 2016, Trump is facing a similar challenge from a 26-year-old Marine Corps veteran named Pete Kiernan.

On, Kiernan hopes to raise at least $25,000. Then, if Trump releases his tax returns by October 19 (the final debate), Kiernan will donate the money he has raised to non-profit organizations that assist veterans, including Team Rubicon, the Special Ops Warrior Foundation, and the Yellow Ribbon Fund. For a complete list, visit the campaign’s main page. (Disclosure: In April 2016, I made a personal, impact-driven investment
in’s Series A financing round.)

Given Trump’s vocal support of veterans, I imagine he will recognize the great good that can come from Kiernan’s proposal.

But taking Trump’s own 2012 offer to President Obama into account, I’d like to assist Kiernan in his campaign. If Kiernan’s campaign hits or exceeds its target, I will match the total amount he reaches with a 5x contribution, up to $5 million.


You live by the troll you die by the troll.

I think this is a challenge Trump should take up. He says he’s super rich so he should be happy to show the rest of us just what kind of losers we are in life. And, while he’s rubbing our noses in it, he can pat himself on the back knowing that he generated a $5 million donation to worthy veterans charities, and true to form, while he didn’t give a cent himself.


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