Donald Trump's Response To His Russian Television Interview Shows What He Thinks Of His Followers

Donald Trump's Response To His Russian Television Interview Shows What He Thinks Of His Followers

It is never the crime, it is the cover up.

Yesterday, Donald Trump gave an expansive interview on the Kremlin’s English-language outlet, Russia Today, or In terms of making news it was a nothingburger. Some people have critcized Trump for voicing disagreement with US foreign policy on a foreign television outlet. Those same folks were strangely silent during the Bush Administration where Democrats criticizing Bush in foreign media was part of the whole “dissent is patriotic” scam. Whatever. You can watch the whole video below.

I don’t know what Trump was thinking when he agreed to the interview. Going on Larry King hasn’t been politically worthwhile in about thirty years. And the optics were horrible. The stench of foreign control that hangs about the Trump campaign is strong and pervasive. You can’t ignore the fact that it was Russian money that kept Trump’s businesses afloat. Or that he hired an alleged Russian mob fixer and money launderer to be his campaign chairman. Or that one of his senior advisers is on the payroll of the Russian national petroleum/gas corporation, Gazprom. And there is that creepy man-crush that Trump has on Putin… it is almost like he’s trying to work out unresolved daddy issues using Putin as a surrogate father.

Anyone who couldn’t see the inevitable outcome of this interview should be sued for political malpractice. But Donald Trump only hires the best people.


Who did he think he was talking to? What did he think Larry freakin King was going to do with a taped interview with a candidate for president? This is insulting. Even if I concede that Larry King called Trump on a private line and the two codgers agreed to an interview … and unless the Trump campaign is more blindingly incompetent than I’d fantasized, I don’t believe this… you are still being asked to believe that Trump thought this was just funsies or something. You have to be an utter moron to believe Trump didn’t think this would be broadcast and, just like Hillary Clinton, Trump’s disrespect for his followers is so deep and inbred that he will not show them the respect of telling a plausible lie.

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