No, Bill Clinton, You Aren't At All Like Robin Hood

Lately Bill Clinton has been more than a little defensive about the nuclear powered grifting machine that is the Clinton Foundation and the moldering corpse stench of corruption that attaches itself to every Foundation effort. He was at an AFL-CIO event, another organization that is associated with grifting and corruption, and made this ludicrous defense of the Clinton Foundation


They even went after my foundation last week. Now that was really funny. Somebody asked me what I thought about it. I said, well here’s what I did. I was sort of Robin Hood, except I didn’t rob anybody. I just asked people with money to give it to people who didn’t have money.”

This is the biggest bunch of horsesh** to ever emanate from a man whose DNA was scientifically determined, via the blue dress sample, to be composed of 99.97% horsesh**.

These are the facts. The Clinton Foundation exists for two purposes. First, it provides a tax free income stream to the Clintons. They accept contributions and then the Foundation provides free air travel, hotels, meals, etc. to the Clintons. They are able to donate their speaking fees to the Foundation and get as tax advantage. Secondly, it provides jobs to Clinton loyalists. Think of it as a farm team for Clintonistas. Cheryl Mills was on the Foundation payroll. Huma Abedin. etc. etc. As Sean Davis, at the Federalist, documented, very little of the money taken in by the Foundation actually went toward programs other than supporting Bill and Hillary’s lifestyle:

Between 2009 and 2012, the Clinton Foundation raised over $500 million dollars according to a review of IRS documents by The Federalist (2012,2011, 2010, 2009, 2008). A measly 15 percent of that, or $75 million, went towards programmatic grants. More than $25 million went to fund travel expenses. Nearly $110 million went toward employee salaries and benefits. And a whopping $290 million during that period — nearly 60 percent of all money raised — was classified merely as “other expenses.” Official IRS forms do not list cigar or dry-cleaning expenses as a specific line item. The Clinton Foundation may well be saving lives, but it seems odd that the costs of so many life-saving activities would be classified by the organization itself as just random, miscellaneous expenses.


And yes, Bill Clinton did rob someone. He robbed the American people. While his vengeful harridan of a wife was secretary of state, US foreign policy was a transparently pay-to-play affair in which donations to the Clinton Foundation or speaking engagements for Bill Clinton bought access for foreign governments. When Hillary refused to meet with foreign representatives via the State Department bureaucracy she still found time to meet with them privately if they were major donors to the Foundation.

No, Bill Clinton was not like Robin Hood. He was more like a corrupt potentate who required bribes for favors than a jovial philanthropist.


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