GAME CHANGER. Donald Trump To Unveil Yet Another Immigration Plan

FILE - In this May 31, 2006, file photo, a man climbs over the international border into Nogales, Ariz., from Nogales, Mexico. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's push for a border wall is not a new idea, and since World War I, has been pursued often. Historians said opponents of Mexican immigration have advocated for a wall off and on for about 100 years with little results due to changing technologies and pressure to divert enforcement attention elsewhere. (AP Photo/Matt York, File)

Fresh off his game-changing immigration interview that has come close to decimating the #NeverTrump movement by way of laughter-induced aneurysms and abdominal spasms, Donald Trump looks to replicate his success again. He is going to roll out a NEW immigration policy thereby killing the rest of us and capturing yet another news cycle in which the media is trying its damnedest to examine the Clinton Foundation.


Donald Trump pledged on Thursday to lay out his “exact plan” on immigration over the next week, after the Republican nominee has alarmed some conservatives by softening his hard-line stances on his signature issue.

“I will be making a speech on that, I would say over the next week, laying out an exact plan — and I think people will have great respect for the plan,” Trump said as he met with African-American and Latino activists on Thursday morning.

“I look forward to that. … Very strong on illegal immigration. We have to be. We have no choice,” Trump told members of the press after the meeting ended. “We either have a country or we don’t, we either have borders or we don’t. The wall is very important.”

Trump’s campaign manager insisted on Thursday morning that his views on immigration haven’t changed, despite Trump saying this week that he’d be open to a “softening” of immigration laws and that he will “work with” certain non-criminal undocumented immigrants.

The mind boggles.

As Ben Domenech writes in The Transom today:

The first sign that Donald Trump was a real presidential candidate was his announced position on immigration. He allied himself with an ignored portion of the electorate, the roughly one third of voters who believe that illegal immigrants ought to be deported, and embraced their message with verve. But what was notable about his policy at the time was that despite his vocal support for deportation, it wasn’t even included in the bullet points of his immigration paper, which sounded a Jeff Sessionsesque note without going all the way into round them up territory. Trump, fading in the polls and frustrated by his lack of winning, is now embracing an immigration position that is arguably the same as Jeb Bush’s, and perhaps even softer than the Gang of Eight in some respects (though the vagueness allows for wiggle room).


Branch Trumpidian cheerleader Ann Coulter writes on page 3 of her latest political epic

By his interview yesterday, Trump hurt his standing with the anti-immigration people and won over no one. It is hard to see how yet another immigration policy, no matter if it is back to rounding up people and putting them on cattle cars, is going to do anything but add to his image as a typical pandering politician.


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