GREAT NEWS. John Kasich Gears Up For A 2020 White House Bid

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

Well, we knew it would come to this when, back during the GOP convention, instead of participating or staying away, Ohio Governor John Kasich held his own political rally.


As the 2016 presidential race enters its final stages, John Kasich is preparing for the next one — in 2020.

This weekend, Kasich will make a foray to New Hampshire, a critical early primary state that plays a key role in the GOP nominating contest. It will be his first trip to the state since this year’s primary there, when Kasich finished second to Donald Trump. The Ohio governor essentially camped out in the state, promoting himself as the kind of independent-minded Republican who was in line with the state’s GOP electorate.

We can make fun of this all we want, but let’s face it. Given our current situation, John Kasich on the ballot would look damned good right down. (Vote Kasich. He’s A Jerk But He’s Not Crazy.)

It points to two facts that most political observers are beginning to agree on. First, Hillary is the likely winner in November and she will be a weak and incompetent president who will be extraordinarily vulnerable in 2020. Second, if Trump wins he can expect a helluva primary challenge in 2020.


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