Donald Trump Campaign Pulls Out Of New Jersey As the Electoral Map Continues To Expand

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To the morons who still believe that Donald Trump is going to be anything less than a disaster as a candidate, take heed. The man who promised to take the fight to the Democrats in deep Blue states has closed up shop in New Jersey.

Donald Trump and his supporters claimed, once the Republican nomination was wrapped up, that traditionally blue New Jersey could be in play come November.

With great fanfare, Trump’s campaign opened a New Jersey office on May 3 in Edison, which attracted a crowd of more than 1,000 supporters, according to a local news account.

Later that month, when one statewide poll showed Trump within 4 points of Hillary Clinton in the state, the Republican nominee projected confidence about the outcome.

”I think so,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on May 31, when asked if he could win New Jersey. “I mean, I love New Jersey. I am New Jersey. Like a second home. I have property there. I have a lot of employees there. And frankly, I think we’re going to do well.”

But the Trump campaign appears to have pulled up stakes in the Garden State.

After two messages left at the number of Trump’s New Jersey headquarters were not returned, POLITICO visited the nondescript suburban complex listed as its address.

That office no longer exists.

There were few signs the Trump campaign ever occupied the now-vacant office space — save for several peeled-off Trump campaign stickers visible through the front door.

What Trump has done is take out of play states that were battleground states in 2012 and convert them into safe Democrat states. At the same time he’s managed to convert Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina into battlegrounds and is even allowing Clinton to make a credible run in Utah.

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