BREAKING. RNC Convention Secretary Is LITERALLY Hiding From Dump Trump Petitioners

This is the kind of stuff that needs Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman to really pull it off.

This is the background. If you read Ms. Unruh’s interview on the front page you can see that the Rules Committee, acting like the vicious claque of churls that they are, voted down any rules conservatives supported. The Dump Trump delegates are nothing if not persistent. They have circulated a petition and allegedly have gathered enough signatures to force a floor vote on the entire rules package.


Where, indeed, is Ms. Hudson?


The only reason this woman is hiding is because the RNC leadership knows there are enough signatures there to force a vote and if the rules package goes all the Reince-Priebus-Paul-Manafort machinations were for nought.

This is not a party that is worthy of our support.


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