WAIT A MINUTE. Did Donald Trump Plagiarize the Trump-Pence Campaign Logo? (UPDATED)

As we breathlessly reported (not breathless from excitement but breathless from being unable to breathe from laughter) mere minutes ago, the Trump-Pence campaign has released its new campaign logo that gives the unpleasant imagery of Mike Pence being… well… whatever… by Donald Trump. A pretty apt metaphor, when you think about it, for what Trump is doing to Pence’s career, such as it is, the GOP and the nation.

trump pence

But, like anything else concerning Trump, there is always a sordid yet banal twist to events.

Does this look familiar?

What is it with this bunch of clowns? Are they really this stupid and incompetent? Or are they trying to get us so numb with disbelief that they can unleash their “A game” and get away with it?

And shame on me. Boy, was I sucked into that one. I never dreamed that political reporters had a sense of humor.

This is the actual TP logo

tp image