What Was the Real Reason Loretta Lynch Met With Bill Clinton At That Airport?

Late last week the big news was that the US Attorney General, that would be the hopelessly compromised Loretta Lynch, had a very private and impromptu meeting with former president Bill Clinton when both of their planes “just happened” to be on the ground at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. It obvious implication was that she did so to give Clinton a direct and private message that Hillary Clinton had been cleared. But why would she do that when she could just as easily send the same message via a secure telephone conversation or emissary?

I think James Comey’s rather extraordinary statement yesterday sheds some light on the subject.

First and foremost. The fix was in. Someone, and that someone can hardly be anyone other than Barack Hussein Obama, directed the Hillary Clinton was not going to be charged for crimes that have sent other men to prison. Not only were Clinton’s actions criminal, even when viewed in the most favorable light, her public statements of explanation were materially false and other people, particularly in insider trading cases, have been successfully prosecuted for putting out materially false cover stories. (My earlier post today covers just the bare surface of those continuing false claims.)

James Comey was facing a revolt among his professional staff. If the case were sent to Lynch for adjudication, which is the usual process, the story would be that the FBI had “cleared” Clinton and therefore Justice was closing the case. In this case, Comey knew that one or more of his senior people, in order to defend the FBI, would either walk (unlikely because no one has principles that are going to cost them a six-figure income) or leak like a sieve (highly likely). This would make Comey the bad guy. It would make him corrupt to the core instead of merely the feckless p***y he’s has been revealed to be.

Unable to go for prosecution, because that would have required integrity, and fully aware that taking a pass on the case would make her unemployable as anything other than a punchline in political jokes for the next generation, she needed to unload this particular ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, she had no real reason to recuse herself from the process as her department was overseeing the case.

Enter the “chance meeting.” Last week this looked like one of the most boneheaded moves ever made by an attorney general. It turned out to be an inspired bit of political theater. This enabled Bill Clinton to throw his old friend a lifeline. By meeting informally and in near secrecy with Clinton, Lynch suddenly had a reason to essentially recuse herself from the case by “accepting the FBI’s recommendation.”

The FBI now has a bigger problem. Lynch knows that there will be no prosecution and she has put the onus squarely on the FBI. By deferring to the FBI recommendation, Lynch has pinned the bull’s-eye firmly on Comey and his senior leadership.

Thus we have the FBI Director rendering a scathing public indictment of Hillary Clinton is every particular of the case. In fact, he goes out of his way to demolish everything she has said. And then he, Pontius Pilate-like, walks away leaving the American founding concept of the rule of law in utter shambles.