BREAKING. Donald Trump Delivers Devastating Response On FBI Whitewash Of Hillary Clinton

Just kidding. This is Donald Trump we’re talking about. The man who isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t directly attract attention to himself.

Earlier today, FBI Director James Comey, made what can only be called a counterfactual recommendation on the matter of Hillary Clinton’s grotesque mishandling of some of the most sensitive information held by the US government. After validating a chain of events that has resulted in fines and prison sentences for people not running for president who are also named Clinton, Comey said the FBI would not recommend charges.

This was the time for Donald Trump to smack this low hanging curve ball over the left field wall and trot around the bases, perhaps stopping at second to moon the umpires. Instead:

This is what his campaign press release page looks like:

trump press releasestrump facebook

Note that this Facebook post is simply the tweet… posted 2 1/2 hours after the Comey press conference.

I think after today, we all had a harsh confirmation that the system is rigged. The rich, the powerful, the connected are simply not subject to the same legal code as the rest of us. Sad but true and it marks our collective change in status from free citizens to subjects of the administrative state.

But there is so much more here in terms of missed opportunity. The corruption. The serial lying to the American public about her email as well as about Benghazi. Her unfitness to wash floors in a greasy spoon diner, much less serve as our president. Her callous disregard for the identity of CIA agents and CIA sources. The fact that her email was available to any intelligence service with enough ambition to look.

Trump could not do any of this. It just wasn’t important. His response was as substantive as if he’d called her a “poopy head.” Which, given the way he’s conducted himself thus far is not a surprise.

This is a replay of the Brexit vote where instead of using it as a chance to contrast himself with Hillary, he used it to pimp a freakin golf course.

Trump is not interested in running a campaign against Hillary Clinton. He’s starring in his own reality show where every scene is about him.