A 13-Year-Old American girl Is Stabbed To Death By A Jihadi And Won't Believe What Obama Has To Say

Another tragedy has occurred in Israel because of the Palestinian penchant for killing Israelis indiscriminately:

The mother of a 13-year-old girl murdered in her bedroom in a terror attack Thursday morning tearfully recalled her daughter’s last moments, as politicians and others expressed outrage over the stabbing attack inside a West Bank settlement home.

“Like all adolescents during summer vacation, my daughter was asleep — tranquil, calm — and a terrorist came and murdered her in her bed,” Rina Ariel, the mother of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, told reporters outside Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where the teenager was taken after sustaining critical injuries in the attack earlier Thursday.

She arrived with multiple stab wounds to her upper body and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Ariel was stabbed to death in her room on Thursday morning when a Palestinian teen, identified as Muhammad Nasser Tarayrah, 17, from Bani Na’im, jumped the fence into the settlement, broke into her house and stabbed her to death, before also stabbing a civilian security guard who arrived at the scene. Tarayrah was shot and killed by other guards.


Make no mistake about it. The Palestinian controlled territories are a failed, terrorist state. They aren’t failed and terrorist infested because of “Israeli occupation.” They are failed and terrorist controlled because their leaders are terrorists who have a vested interest in keeping the people impoverished and angry. People like this

Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor, Sultan Abu Al-Einein:“Regarding the matter of normalization [with Israel] and the participation of members of the Fatah leadership and members of the PLO Executive Committee in Israeli conferences, Abu Al-Einein said: ‘If you would ask me about my personal position, I would tell you – every place you find an Israeli cut off his head. Likewise, I am against talks, negotiations, meetings, and normalization in all its forms with the Israeli occupation.’”
[Donia Al-Watan (independent Palestinian news agency), June 27, 2016]

Even (or maybe I should say “especially”) UN operated agencies are also in on the game.

As it turns out, this girl was an American citizen.

A 13-year-old Israeli girl fatally stabbed in her bedroom in the occupied West Bank on Thursday was a U.S. citizen, the State Department said.

The girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, was attacked after an assailant climbed a security fence and entered a home in the settlement of Kiryat Arba.

“We have now confirmed that she is a U.S. citizen,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said at a news briefing.

That’s it. “We have now confirmed that she is a U.S. citizen.”


From the White House we’ve heard jack sh**. Not a peep. This is how the Obama administration reacts to Islamic violence at home and abroad. Silence. Acquiescence. And threats directed towards anyone who dares speak up. If you think any pressure will be brought to bear on this ongoing criminal state in the West Bank and Gaza, you are sadly mistaken.


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