Eric Trump Thinks You Are Just As Stupid As His Father Does (VIDEO)

Eric Trump Thinks You Are Just As Stupid As His Father Does (VIDEO)

This morning Donald Trump’s son by one of his many wives and/or mistresses, Eric Trump, was on Fox and Friends. He was asked about the laughable fundraising effort of the Trump campaign. As befitting his genetic stock, his answer was was neither coherent nor responsive but, like his father, it did show that he thinks you are an idiot.

TRUMP: Hillary has 732 campaign staffers. We have 70. She spent $250m on the primary. We spent less than $50m. Who do you want leading the country?

Ummm… let’s see. Someone who is competent. Someone who is smart enough to acknowledge that $50 million primary expenditure was only possible because of over $2 billion in free media lavished upon Cheeto Jesus. While there is a thin but very bright line between frugal and miserly, there is a broad stripe painted in day-glo orange between competent and incompetent and the Trump campaign is so far onto the incompetent side that they don’t even know that competence exists.

And then there is this announcement he sent out to journalists today:

eric trump emailHighly unlikely, in fact, so unlikely that he could be committed to a psych ward for saying it.

Eric Trump doesn’t seem to be all that smart, which is both understandable and not his fault, but it doesn’t take a particularly smart guy to see the fallacy in his argument. He is simply showing the same callous and blatant contempt for the intelligence of his base of supporters as has his father. And why shouldn’t he? It’s worked great for Dad so far.

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