BEGINNING OF THE END. After Brexit Five More Viable Nations May Leave the EU

On the heels of Brexit, there are rumors that more nations have had all the fun they can stand in dealing with Brussels bureaucrats ruling their lives and are planning to bail on the European Union:


Germany is worried that France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could also seek to leave the European Union after Britain’s vote to quit the bloc, German newspaper Die Welt said on Friday, citing a finance ministry strategy paper.

The strategy paper recommended that Germany, in coordination with the EU, offer Britain “constructive exit negotiations” aimed at making the UK an “associated partner country,” the newspaper reported.

The interesting thing here is that a pattern is emerging. The nations looking at leaving the EU are those with viable economies who are billpayers for the EU. Areas that are heavily dependent upon subsidies and handouts, well, they want to stay. It was telling in Thursdays referendum that England and Wales went for Brexit while welfare dependencies of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Londonistan wanted to stay in the EU.

As the results sink in and more and more nations realize the world did not end because of Brexit, every viable economy on the continent will be looking for the exits, for while the economic union was a good thing, the economic union has been subsumed by an attempt to rule all of Western Europe, in every detail, from Brussels. Free people do not need that.



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