Hey, All You Cucks, Remember When Donald Trump Wanted To Be Black? (VIDEO)

We all have secret desires. Donald Trump is no exception. Even a guy born into incredible wealth and who led a pampered existence has disappointments. For instance, his hands are unbelievably tiny. And he’s white:

A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market. And, I think, sometimes a black may think that they don’t really have the advantage or this or that but in actuality today, currently, it’s, uh, it’s a, it’s a great … I’ve said on occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today I would love to be a well-educated black because I really believe they do have an actual advantage today.

This is a rather bizarre argument. While there is a lot of evidence that being the offspring of well-educated non-Asian minority parents increases your chances of getting into an elite university or professional school, the data for post graduation employment outcomes is a lot more problematic. There is, on the other hand, absolutely zero evidence that being a well-educated black guy would offset being born into a family with extraordinary wealth and political connections so you could get five consecutive draft deferments, avoid Vietnam, get a legacy-type admission to Ivy League universities, and having your very rich Daddy available to save your incompetent ass from bankruptcy.