Donald Trump: If Politicians Love Women They Risk Losing the Gay Vote

I swear to heaven I am not making that up.

Back right before the Indiana primary, Donald Trump received the endorsement of convicted rapist and registered sex offender, Mike Tyson. On the whole it seemed pretty appropriate as Trump is doing to the GOP what Tyson did to Desiree Washington. Trump lauded Tyson as one of the many “tough guys” who supported him..

Now Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed has unearthed this 1990 quote from Trump in a Playboy interview. (Kaczynski may very well actually be deceased and serving out his time in Purgatory reading old Trump interviews as penance.)

trump playboy quote

So, yes, classifying forcible rape as “crap hanging over [his] head” is obscene and the public lechery standard that he seems to advocate seems quaint, weird, and out of place even by 1990 standards. But the idea that a politician is going to be reluctant to identify as heterosexual for fear of losing the “gay vote” is little short of gobsmackingly bizarre.

Again, you see Donald Trump the Poseur in action. He tries to act like he’s a deep thinker, just like he did with buying into the No-Fly-No-Buy nonsense, when, in reality a flea couldn’t drown in the ocean of Trumpian thoughts.