BREAKING. Hillary Clinton Put Unqualified Donor On Sensitive Intelligence Board (VIDEO)

State Department emails uncovered by the group Citizens United provide conclusive proof that Hillary Clinton rewarded a major donor with no relevant qualifications to a sensitive, intelligence-related, advisory board in the State Department.


The Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), according to the State Department website

provides the Department with independent insight and advice on all aspects of arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy. The ISAB is sponsored and overseen by the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security. The Board provides its recommendations to the Secretary of State. Board members are national security experts with scientific, military, diplomatic, and political backgrounds.

Well, maybe they all aren’t “national security experts.

Newly released State Department emails help reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field, a decision that appeared to baffle the department’s professional staff.

The emails further reveal how, after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later.

Copies of dozens of internal emails were provided to ABC News by the conservative political group Citizens United, which obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act after more the two years of litigation with the government.

A prolific fundraiser for Democratic candidates and contributor to the Clinton Foundation, who later traveled with Bill Clinton on a trip to Africa, Rajiv K. Fernando’s only known qualification for a seat on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) was his technological know-how. The Chicago securities trader, who specialized in electronic investing, sat alongside an august collection of nuclear scientists, former cabinet secretaries and members of Congress to advise Hillary Clinton on the use of tactical nuclear weapons and on other crucial arms control issues.


In all fairness to ABC, they noticed Fernando’s non-qualifications back when he was appointed back in 2012. Citizens United fills in the gaps that show that State knew Fernando was totally unqualified and the only reason he was on the board was at the insistence of Hillary Clinton.

In case you are wondering, “S”=Secretary.

When ABC started snooping about, the fear becomes palpable.

If you followed politics in the 1990s at all you know all about the Clinton fundraising scandals. Where bagman and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe came up with the idea of literally renting out the use of the Lincoln Bedroom for political contributions. In one memorable incident, this happened:

Southern California entrepreneur Johnny Chung said he was seeking VIP treatment for a delegation of visiting Chinese businessmen when he was asked to help the first lady defray the cost of White House Christmas receptions billed to the Democratic National Committee.

Chung, who has refused to cooperate with investigators unless granted immunity from prosecution, said in interviews that he realized such special treatment hinged on his willingness to make a political contribution.

“I see the White House is like a subway—you have to put in coins to open the gates,” Chung said in his first public comments on the controversial episode.


When you combine this revelation with what we know about the operations of the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton’s refusal to commit to leaving that organization if elected, you see that nothing has changed. Hillary Clinton remains the same amoral, greedy, grifting kleptocrat she was when Bill Clinton was president.


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