Member Of Democrat Platform Committee Says Guns Should Be Illegal (VIDEO)

Rich, left wing, nutjob philanthropist (ever notice how often you see those adjectives clustered together), Bonnie Schaefer, is a member of the committee that will right the Democrat platform. Yesterday, she was bloviating at a meeting of Mid-Atlantic Democrat Platform Forum. Naturally the subject of the Second Amendment came up.


“I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun,” Bonnie Schaefer, former Claire’s Stores CEO and North Carolina resort and spa owner, said. “I mean that’s just my own philosophy.”

Schaefer proceeded to argue that nothing good can come from having guns available to the public.

“Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand, except the worst possible scenario,” she added.

Well, in a worst scenario a gun won’t help if it is illegal for you to have one.

I’m sort of surprised at this because usually these folks hide their true intentions behind at least a fig leaf of concern for the Constitution. Usually they talk about “common sense” regulation of firearms. Her statement is pretty much like saying, “I think slavery is great, I mean that’s just my own philosophy.” It should serve as a disqualifier for anyone serving on a platform committee of any major political party that they are openly hostile to the Constitution.


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