Donald Trump Lies About Veterans Contributions To A Compliant Sean Hannity (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Lies About Veterans Contributions To A Compliant Sean Hannity (VIDEO)

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Yesterday Donald Trump was again guest hosting on Sean Hannity’s program. At one time we would have called it “being interviewed” but Hannity has long since dispensed with the pretense of being anything but a shill for Trump. In addition to endorsing Trump:

“Well, I’m an opinion show,” Hannity said. “And I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November.”

“I have asked you repeatedly over the course of this campaign about specific issues,” Hannity said. “You’re going to build the wall. You’re going to repeal Obamacare. You like health care savings accounts. You want to fix the V.A. You want to build up our military. You want to balance a budget. You want to define radical Islam as our enemies. You want to get rid of Common Core. All of those things.”

Hannity showed that on his “opinion” show, his opinion was that bald-faced lies were fine so long as the bald face was a peculiar shade of orange with a rather pathetic hairdo. The full interview is below, don’t view this if you’ve just eaten a meal.

This is the lie we are talking about. To be sure, in a 16 minute Donald Trump interview there is more than one lie.

In fact, “most” is only accurate if you expand the definition to “anything”.

January 28. Trump, panicked at the thought of having his ass handed to him in yet another debate, seizes the news cycle by holding a fundraiser for veterans. Trump claims he “cracked $6 million.” Spokeschimp Katrina Pierson is unable to name a single group that will get the money.

February 8. At least one charity declines donation because of a requirement that it help the Trump campaign.

February 26. Seven groups have received a total of $650,000.

April 21. Trump Spokeschimp Hope Hicks gives CNN a list of 27 groups that had received $2.9 million.

We can go on and on but the the fact is that by three months after the fact only half the money that was destined to be disbursed had actually been distributed.

Instead of challenging Trump on the blatant lie he was telling, Hannity did what he has done all campaign season. He nodded and moved on.

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