Will Roger Stone Face Criminal Charges For Inciting Violence?

Will Roger Stone Face Criminal Charges For Inciting Violence?

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We’ve documented here how Donald Trump henchman, Roger Stone, has been encouraging Trump supporters to riot at the GOP Convention in Cleveland and assault GOP delegates. He has since issued a denial that is so laughably stupid that it could have been written by Donald Trump and recited by Katrina Pierson.

Now someone is taking the aged goon at his words.

A conservative activist best known as a crusader against violent video games is lobbying the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) prosecutor’s office to consider a criminal menacing charge against Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone after he threatened to publicize the hotel room numbers of Republican National Convention delegates who vote for presidential candidates other than Trump.

Thompson, who supports Ted Cruz but says he would vote for Trump in a general election, said in an interview on Friday that he believes Stone “wants to intimidate people.”

Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser who remains a vocal advocate for the billionaire, said in an interview with a libertarian podcaster this week that if a candidate other than Trump is nominated at a contested convention, he “will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal.”

“We’ll tell you who the culprits are,” Stone added. “We urge you to visit their hotel and find them.” (He said in a subsequent interview that “we’re not talking about roughing anybody up.”)

This is not trivial.

Obviously, acting now might be premature. No violence has actually been committed yet. BUT. BUT. If a single act of violence is committed in Cleveland by a Trump supporter or anyone claiming to be a Trump supporter or if a single non-Trump delegate is harassed or assaulted by a Trump supporter then Roger Stone should be arrested and tried for his direct role in inciting the violence.

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