(VIDEO) Loser Donald Trump Whines About Being A Losing Loser

Donald Trump shows an audience just how small his hands are

Donald Trump shows an audience just how small his hands are
Donald Trump shows an audience just how small his hands are

Donald Trump is a loser. He tries to act like a winner but he doesn’t know how. This is not only true in his current political campaign it is true in his personal life and his business life. Marrying a woman who is the same age as your children is not something a winner does. It is something a pathetic older man does. Presiding over a series of failed business ventures going back decades is not something that happens to an actual winner in business.


In the past, Donald Trump could go on a friendly media outlet and crow about his success, despite evidence to the contrary, but now his abject loser-ness is being exhibited for the world to see. And we’re seeing a lot of it. For instance:

and this:

Today we see the loser phenomenon in full bloom in Rochester, NY. Over 7,500 people showed up to hear Trump snivel about how his refusal to read, or to even hire anyone capable of reading, makes the delegate selection process unfair and corrupt:

trump whine

The problem is really simple. Donald Trump is a very rich guy who isn’t terribly good at accomplishing anything. As former DC Mayor Marion Barry said when Jesse Jackson made an abortive run to be DC Mayor, Donald Trump “don’t wanna run nothing but his mouth.” The same applies to every single one of Donald Trump’s business ventures in which he has had management influence.

Trump thought he could show up, shoot off his mouth, win primaries and walk away with the nomination. The rules were out there. There hasn’t been any secret meeting to change the process. The fact is that the GOP primaries and caucuses are supposed to select an actual Republican candidate. Not a ersatz Democrat who appeals to people who, mainly, aren’t even Republican voters.


The fact is that winning a presidential primary actually requires a lot of the same skills that it takes to be president… or a successful businessman and husband, for that matter… attention to detail, organization, focus, and reading comprehension.


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