Ted Cruz On McConnell Apology: "That Ain't Gonna Happen"

Yesterday, Ted Cruz was interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash. They went through the New York campaign, then Bash segued onto Cruz’s unpopularity with the GOP Porker Caucus in the Senate and how he might get back into their good graces:


BASH: But to get the chance to beat Hillary Clinton, you know how works, you actually have to be the Republican nominee. One of the things that my colleague Manu Raju in the Senate has heard from several Republican senators is that they probably would think about backing you and telling all of their grassroots activists to back you if you would apologize for saying that your Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was a liar. Will you apologize?

Cruz took a circuitous route but eventually it arrived here:

BASH: No apology to Mitch McConnell? Because it could help you.

CRUZ: Look, my focus is not on Washington. That ain’t going to happen. And if Washington lobbyists want the see that happen, they can hold their breath a long, long time.

For the life of me, I don’t understand this. In a civilized society, a person has to be wronged to be entitled to an apology. The person wronged was, oddly enough, Ted Cruz who was lied to, to his face, by Mitch McConnell. That is incontrovertible fact. McConnell had the opportunity to make this right by apologizing to Cruz before Cruz called him out in the Senate. But, knowing the sorry, pustulent sack of guts that McConnell is, you know that the genesis of him being called out had to be him making jokes at Cruz’s expense of how he’d put one over on him.


The fact that a non-trivial number of GOP senators publicly profess to be more horrified by Ted Cruz calling a liar, well, a liar than they are by the lie, itself, or the utter betrayal of the American people that lie assisted says much more about them than it does about Cruz. Cruz refusing to kowtow to the Orrin Hatches and Lamar Alexanders of the world is a good thing. And the GOP Senate caucus has to decide whether they are going to stand by a known liar like McConnell, and by extension support a Donald Trump candidacy, or are they going to put on their big girl panties and put this chickensh** behind them and move on.


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