BREAKING. Former Paul Manafort Employee Claims She Was Fired After Reporting His Sexual Advances


There is absolutely nothing about the Donald Trump campaign that says either class or competence.

The “campaign manager” is facing charges in Florida for assaulting a friendly reporter. Roger Stone, one of Trump’s goons, has encouraged riots at the Cleveland GOP convention as well as hinting at assaults on delegates who do not support Trump. This is Roger Stone. I am not sh**ing you.



This is Roger Stone:


Trump, himself, has the sleaziest personal life of any candidate for the presidency since, at least, John F. Kennedy. Not only does he seem to view women as a combination of arm candy and party favors but he has made comments about his daughters that, had a lesser mortal made them in public, would have resulted in a visit from Child Protective Services.

Now, in an effort to make a bad situation a helluva lot worse, Trump has brought on board a GOP Establishment fixer named Paul Manafort to, naturally, fix the problem. Manafort fits well into the existing Trump organization. He is wildly incompetent. He loves Vladimir Putin. He laundered money managed the finances for a Ukrainian oligarch. He screwed workers in the process. He has a long association with people who are part of the Russian Mob. And he, if this allegation is true, seems to share Donald Trump’s vision of where women fit into the campaign:


The sad thing is that there is absolutely nothing here that even sounds out of phase with the moral cretins and ethical cripples that Donald Trump has managed to bring together in a virtual critical mass of douche. If fact, what would be shocking would be if the allegation were false. It has not gone unnoticed. As many as 70% of American women will not vote for Trump. And these are the kinds of people he hires.


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