POLL SHOCK. Donald Trump Leads by 10 Points In Wisconsin. Trump Says He Will Win

Donald Trump shows the crowd how small his hands are.

trump la crosse

Wow. Those hands really are tiny, aren’t they?

At a campaign event in La Crosse, WI, today, Donald Trump said that the writing was on the wall, that he was going to win Wisconsin just like he did South Carolina:


In anticipating his performance in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, Donald Trump is hoping for something close to his victory in South Carolina, in another state where the governor endorsed an opponent and he prevailed.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Trump told supporters at a La Crosse, Wisconsin, rally on Monday morning, remarking upon “untruthful ads” on the air in Wisconsin.

“Eh, most of them are. Not all of them. Couple of them, couple of them are getting pretty close, but they’re all negative ads and they’re spending millions of dollars on negative ads. They’re spending millions,” Trump said.

Referring to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s endorsement of Ted Cruz, Trump remarked, “they have a couple of other people that I never even heard of against me.”

“I don’t know who the hell they are. They never met me, I never met them, I don’t particularly want to meet them,” he said, declining to name those people.

When South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed Marco Rubio, Trump said, people thought “it was over and then I won in a landslide, South Carolina.”

“It was over, and I have a feeling the same thing’s gonna happen here. Because Walker has not done a great job,” Trump said. “He has not done a good job. By the way, he’s been OK. You’re average. I hate to say it. You look around your surrounding states, you know what you are? Average! You’re not average people, right? So big deal. You’ve got the governor.”


This was carried live by ABC News, by the way. One hour and thirteen minutes.

This guy is a case study in the Big Lie. For instance, no one ever said “it was over” in South Carolina because of the Haley endorsement. Trump had always had a big lead in that state:

Fueling that optimism is a poll released today by ARG (motto: where math and commonsense go to die) that shows Donald Trump surging into a ten point lead

arg poll

When the dust clears tomorrow night you can bet the Trump-osphere will be howling with claims that they were cheated.



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