(AUDIO) Yet Another White Nationalist Group Makes Robocalls For Donald Trump

In what has become a fairly monotonous occurrence with the Donald Trump campaign a “white nationalist” group has recorded robocalls on behalf of Donald Trump in Wisconsin:


A white nationalist group flooded Wisconsin with robocalls supporting real estate mogul Donald Trump leading up to Tuesday’s primary.

Trump “will respect all women and help preserve western civilization,” the narrator says on the call. “If you vote for Donald Trump, he will be a fine president.”

The call says it was paid for by William Johnson, who the narrator describes as “a farmer and a white nationalist.” The ad also mentions two groups affiliated with Johnson, the American Freedom Party and the American National super PAC.


Jared Taylor, a leading white nationalist known for his academic-sounding deconstructions of multiculturalism, has been an ardent supporter of Donald Trump since the earliest days of the billionaire’s presidential campaign.


A white nationalist records robocalls for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, NBC News has learned.

William Johnson, head of the American Freedom Party, which promotes white nationalism, tells NBC News the he has prepared a robocall for Utah residents that will attack Mitt Romney, who delivered a blistering critique of Presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire voters may be stunned to hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; it’s from white nationalists with a simple, disturbing message.

“We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, educated, white people,” according to the male voice on the calls, which began Thursday night and urge voters in New Hampshire to vote for Donald Trump.

Minnesota and Vermont:


In Minnesota and Vermont, a white supremacist super PAC called the American National Super PAC has begun circulating a robocall in support of Trump.

“The white race is dying out in America and Europe because we are afraid to be called ‘racist,’ says William Johnson, the leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party. He goes on to bemoan “gradual genocide against the white race,” and how few “schools anymore have beautiful white children as the majority.” He signs off by telling recipients, “Don’t vote for a Cuban. Vote for Donald Trump.”

There are more. I just got bored searching and carpal tunnel syndrome from the cut/paste motion.

Going back to the Louisiana primary, at least, Donald Trump has been way, way too cozy with garden variety racists who call themselves “white nationalists” these days. I can’t see into the dark putrescent blob that would be Donald Trump’s soul, if he had one, at tell you he is racist, himself. I don’t know. In fact, I think he thinks the regular people as well as the virulent losers and crackpots that have boosted his candidacy are racists and he wants them to know he is on their side. But, at some point, that no longer matters. You have to ask yourself, if Donald Trump WERE a stone cold racist what would he be doing differently. The answer is: not much.


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