(VIDEO) Anti-Trump Protesters Manage To Make Trump Supporters Look Really Smart

trump protester
Donald Trump has the unique ability to make just about everyone, supporters and opponents, descend to levels of douchebaggery and rank stupidity that have never before been contemplated.

This video is from the same Janesville, WI, rally where a 15-year-old anti-Trump protester was pepper-sprayed after hitting a Trump supporter and then filed a seemingly bogus sexual assault charge.

It is really hard to offer commentary on this that isn’t provided by watching the video. You have to watch the video. Please watch the video.

What it seems is that Trump rallies attract anti-social douches from across the political spectrum and give them the change to show the world that everything we thought about them was true.

If this is the best the anti-Trump protesters have to offer then we are ****ed if we are depending on them to stop Trump.