Hey, You Freeloaders. The Watercooler Needs Writers. Sign Up. Today.


For a civil society to work there has to be civils willing to work. A community blog is no different.

Since December tngal and her small dedicated volunteer team, did I mention there were only a few of them, have kicked out a Watercooler feature everyday. Every. Single. Day. Because of this diligence the Watercooler has acquired a dedicated readership and has contributed to the community identity at the site.


We’ve reached a point, however, where we need additional help to keep this feature going strong.

If you can produce a Watercooler occasionally, let me know in the comments and I will put tngal in contact with you.

If we can’t get additional volunteers, the frequency of Watercooler posts is going to be toned WAY back.




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