(VIDEO) FLASHBACK. Brussels Runs Ad Campaign Mocking Possibility Of Terrorist Attack

(H/T to Mediaite and commenter twominutehate)

Just two months ago, the Brussels tourism department, VisitBrussels, came up with the cute #CallBrussels campaign which mocked the possibility of a terrorist attack and extolled the safety of the city. They apparently did it to counter the damage done to Brussels’s image by some of the Paris attackers being linked to Brussels and… my guess… to send the message “Brussels is not Paris.”


Via Mediaite:

The city set up a series of phones that people could call from all around the world and have everyday people in Brussels answer. “Did you see some people who are fighting with guns or bombs?” one caller asks.

“No!” the person who answered the phone laughs. “Oh my god, no way!”

“After Brussels was linked to terror plots, the international media portrayed the city as a warzone,” the ad read. “We wanted to change this perception with an honest answer.”

“Is it safe for this moment?” another caller asks.

“Of course it’s safe, it’s very safe,” the Belgian answers.

A significant cause of the rise of Islamic terrorism in Europe is the fact that the Europeans have convinced themselves that Islam is a harmless cultural artifact harbored by otherwise loyal Belgians, Britons, Frenchmen, Germans, etc. They’ve succumbed to the false cause of “islamophobia” and cry about “why do they hate us” and they lose sight of the fact that they are hated by their (for now) Islamic minorities because a) they are “kaffirs” and b) because hate is one of the few things that Islamic societies seem capable of producing cost effectively. The other being suicide bombers.

The fact is that no matter where in Europe you travel you find violence (such as the Rotherham rape gangs) and terrorism endemic in majority Muslim communities. There are a lot of reasons for this but the basic and underlying reason is that violence is an integral part of those cultures at home and the idea that you can move millions of Muslims into Europe and leave their culture behind is nonsense.


You can’t be safe and you can’t begin to nurture the non-violent and non-terrorist segments of those communities unless and until you have the will to eradicate the violent and terrorist parts.

I’m not making fun of Brussels. Their reaction is the exact same reaction that the US government under Barack Obama has shown towards radical Islam in the United States. A Homeland Security probe of the mosque that was Ground Zero for the San Bernardino shootings was shut down because of concerns that the terrorist would get hurty-pants. After the attack, Obama and Democrat politicians flocked to mosques linked with radical Islam to pay obeisance to CAIR.

Unless we are very careful, we are going to have a Paris or Brussels in the United States, not just a Fort Hood, a Chattanooga, and a San Bernardino.


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