Corey Lewandowski: Master of the Universe Or Overly Aggressive Twerp?

**HOLD FOR STORY**Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, center, looks on as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a news conference, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015, in Dubuque, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
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(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

For a couple of weeks we’ve been watching the antics of Donald Trump’s campaign manager, the diminutive and tiny-handed Corey Lewandowski. He first popped into the limelight when he roughed up a woman reporter for Trumpbart named Michelle Fields. After apologizing (he said he didn’t know she was from Trumpbart), he retracted the apology and denied, contra video evidence, that the even happened and sought to pain Fields as some sort of deranged stalker out to boil his bunny.


Long story short, Lewandowski is a little man thrust into a position of power and prominence and he is making sure that everyone knows he’s important. Last week POLITICO did a story on some of his activities, like calling a female colleague a “c–t.” Over the weekend, Lewandowski instigated another physical altercation, this time with an anti-Trump protester who looks to be about fourteen. In that post, I made this prediction:

This type of behavior does not stop with pushing protesters around. If someone has the time or inclination to dig into other parts of his campaign management they are going to find a lot to report on.

Now BuzzFeed teases us with what seems to be the beginning of more intense coverage of Lewandowski.

The campaign manager’s aggression is not necessarily physical: In one instance, at a restaurant in New York last year, Lewandowski was seen throwing back multiple drinks and loudly threatening someone on the phone.

There is also talk among Trump’s traveling press corps about his behavior toward women. Politico first reported that Lewandowski has made “sexually suggestive” comments to female journalists that one recipient described as “completely inappropriate in a professional setting.”

In conversations with reporters, he has expressed frustration with female journalists covering the campaign while also voicing a wish to have sex with them. And sources told BuzzFeed News that more than once, Lewandowski has called female reporters late at night to come on to them, often not sounding entirely sober. Some in the press corps joke that if Lewandowski is calling after a certain hour, women are better off not answering.


These are all symptoms of the same underlying issue. Trump, throughout his business career, has insisted on being the smartest guy in the room when that, in most rooms, will manifestly not be the case. As a result he hires go-fers instead of strong and confident people. Hence the smoking wreckage that remains wherever Trump has tried to manage a project.

A confident man does not carry on loud phone conversations in a bar, a person does that to let everyone around him — presumably profoundly stupid and easily impressed women — know that I AM SOMEBODY, BY GOD. A confident man doesn’t have to bargain his access to the candidate to get female attention.

As Lewandowski doles out press availability with Donald Trump, making booty calls to reporters could easily be construed as threatening a reporter’s access to Trump if they didn’t go along. The very fact that he does it indicates that this has been a very successful seduction technique. It would be interesting to construct a matrix of a) female reporters covering Trump, b) interviews given by Trump to those reporters, and c) female reporters willing to say Lewandowski had made a booty call. The difference between columns b and c would be interesting. It would be equally interesting to take a peak at Lewandowski’s campaign credit card bill.


While we were all looking at Trumpbart with open-mouthed amazement for the alacrity with which they tossed Michelle Fields to the wolves in order to maintain privileged access to Trump, we missed this:

At a press conference earlier this month in West Palm Beach, Florida, Lewandowski physically pushed CNN reporter Noah Gray away from Trump as he tried to ask the candidate a question, according to a source with close knowledge of the incident.

It was not the first time the campaign manager had gotten in Gray’s face to prevent him from reporting. In November, when the reporter attempted to film protesters who were disrupting a Trump rally, Lewandowski threatened to pull his credentials unless he went back inside the pen the campaign uses to corral journalists. He was also heard warning the press secretary that if Gray didn’t obey him he would be “fucking blacklisted.” The CNN reporter’s tweets about the incident riled Lewandowski and briefly inflamed tensions between the campaign and the traveling press corps, reporters told BuzzFeed News.

A spokesperson for CNN did not respond to a request for comment.

Indeed. What we have noted is that when Donald Trump’s campaign co-chair is interviewed on CNN and says riots are not violence (I am not making that up) he is not challenged because Trump has, by himself, saved CNN from bankruptcy. In fact, given the media nonchalance about how Lewandowski treats their reporters one wonders if female reporters aren’t concerned that if they complain to their networks about Lewandowski that they will be told to take one for the team.


I’m not writing this with the thoughts of getting Lewandowski sh**-canned. It isn’t going to happen. This kind of vicious, suck-up-kick-down toady is attracted to Trump the way lint is attracted to Velcro. The Trump campaign issued a denial — probably written by either Lewandowski or “John Barron,”  of the BuzzFeed story,

“Your story is false, which is no surprise coming from a reporter with an established track record of inaccurate posts about Mr. Trump, and has been repeatedly wrong on everything from claims that Mr. Trump would never run for President to this latest nonsense.

“After months upon months of repeated attempts to malign Mr. Trump, it has become clear some have turned their attention on Corey, a political professional who has worked tirelessly to Make America Great Again. Corey is a loyal aide and trusted advisor to Mr. Trump, and is otherwise a private citizen who does not deserve anonymous, disparaging and false accusations and will fight back will all available legal remedies peddled by a disgruntled blogger.”

This is a warning about the people a Trump administration would attract and the way a Trump administration would operate. This is your preview of a Trump administration.


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