(VIDEO) With Brussels Under Attack, Obama Does "the Wave" With Raul Castro

I swear by all that’s holy that I am not making this up

For much of the president’s two-day trip to Cuba, the disagreements between the U.S. and Cuba have been on full display.

But before closing out his trip to the island nation this afternoon, President Obama is putting the focus on a topic that the two nations agree on: a love of baseball.

President Obama was seated with Cuban President Raul Castro at the game. The president’s wife and daughters were also at the game.

Prior to the game’s start, a moment of silence was held in recognition of the terrorist attacks in Brussels this morning.


So, after issuing a mealy-mouthed, “tough sh**, suck it up” message to Belgium, a message which pointedly ignored the source of the attack, Obama went to watch some béisbol with his good buddy, Raul Castro.

No word if the game was available in labor camps and to political prisoners.


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