(VIDEO) Donald Trump Thinks It Is Unfair That He Needs To Win the Most Delegates


With the prospect of a contested convention staring him in the face, Donald Trump has suddenly decided that if he doesn’t win it isn’t fair and he thinks his followers are so unhinged that they might riot no matter what he says. Via ABC’s This Week:


TRANSCRIPT (and I hope my RedState medical benefits cover this because I swear I suffered brain bleeding while transcribing the blithering nonsense.)

STEPHANOPOULOS:But let me move on, because this comes on the heels of you saying, this week, that there could be riots in Cleveland if you entered the Republican convention with more delegates than anyone else but didn’t end up with the nomination. John Kasich called that ‘outrageous’. Speaker Paul Ryan has called you out on it, as well. Did you go too far there? And if you don’t have the 1,237 delegates going to Cleveland, why should you be guaranteed the nomination?

TRUMP: I think if I’m a few short and I have, you know, 1,200 or if I have 1100, and somebody else is at 3, or 4, or 500, which is very likely going to be the case. And if I’m a little bit short. And one of the reasons was we has so many candidates. I mean we started off with 17 candidates. And finally its down to three, frankly, you know there’s so many candidates so its very hard to get over that number, so its very unfair, in a way. But because of the fact that there’s so many candidates and so many candidates are grabbing delegates. Now here’s what I said… And now they’re out, now they’re out. So I think I will get over than number. I think I may get over that number fairly easily. Arizona was unbelievable yesterday. Utah, frankly, was unbelievable the day before. I think we will get over that number. There’s tremendous spirit about ‘Make America Great Again.’ I mean that’s the whole thing. We’ll ‘Make America Great Again.’ But I will tell this…

STEPHANOPOULOS: There’s nothing to fear about having a multi-[unitelligible] convention, is there?

TRUMP: The biggest story in all of politics are the millions of people who are coming out to vote for me, in all fairness, to the Republican party. They’re up 75%, 72%, a 102%, different states in the primaries. And its the single biggest story worldwide in politics is what’s happening at the millions and millions of people that are going out to vote for me. Now I will say this, the Democrats are down 35% whereas the Republicans are up over 70% and, in some cases, much more than that. I say this, if you are going to disenfranchise all of those people, some of whom have never voted before, and they are 50 years old and older. But if you’re going to disenfranchise all of those people, independents, Democrats, you know we have a lot of Democrats coming over, we have a lot of independents coming over…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Are they going to riot?

TRUMP: We do have some people that never voted before. I don’t know what… I didn’t say… all I can say is this: I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I will say this: you’re going to have a lot of very unhappy people. And I think, frankly, for the Republicans to disenfranchise all those people because if that happens they’re not voting and the Republicans lose. If the Republicans embrace these great people that are showing up the Republicans are going to have a massive victory. It’s not going to be a Mitt Romney slaughter because he was such a bad candidate. The Republicans are going to have a massive victory in November, I can tell you that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Will you tell your supporters not to riot if you lose the convention fair and square?

TRUMP: Well I would certainly tell them that but, you know, look, these people are fervent. They are really… they want to see positive things happen for our country and I would certainly say that. I don’t want to see riots. I don’t want to see problems. But… millions of people we’re talking about, George. Millions of additional people have done… you know, I’ve gotten more than two million votes more than anybody else. Two million votes more than anybody else. And these are millions of… and that’s why I’m leading by so much.


This interview in notable for a couple of things. First, Trump has a sense of entitlement that would be a perfect match for every Democrat candidate for president for the past 50 years. He thinks that the rules simply should not apply to him. Second, he basically says that his supporters are violent yokels who he can’t control and they would be justified in rioting because of the unfairness of it all. In Donald Trump’s world anyone but him winning is, by definition, unfair.

Trump has less maturity and sense of self awareness than any third grader you’ve ever encountered.


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