OLD AND BUSTED: I Won't Debate. NEW HOTNESS: Fox Cancelled the Debate

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I don’t even know what to do with this.

So yesterday the story was that Donald Trump had decided that having his ass handed to him by Ted Cruz — yet again — was not appealing and declared he would not be at the next GOP debate.


Mr. Trump said during an interview on the “Fox and Friends” program earlier on Wednesday that he would not attend.

“How many times can the same people ask you the same question?” Mr. Trump said in the interview. “So I was very surprised when I heard that Fox called for the debate. Nobody told me about it, and I will not be there, no.”

You can watch the whole half hour of full-fledged douchebaggery if you doubt the New York Times:

Today, after having had the tininess of his hands again called into question by Ted Cruz on the Kelly Files, the story has changed:


I mean, technically you can argue that Fox DID cancel the debate. But that rather disguises what happened.

One thing that has become alarmingly clear is that Donald Trump, like Hillary Clinton, leads a very active fantasy life in which he imagines he is competent and respected and successful based on his own efforts. He’s lying to himself.



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